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The United States Tent Pegging Federation, Inc. (USTPF) is a Not-For-Profit 501(c)(3) charity performing for the safety and welfare of equine and for the safety of the riders. USTPF is serving as the National Governing Body (NGB) for Tent Pegging, which is an ancient equestrian sport. USTPF has clear intentions to promote Tent Pegging as an equestrian sport in the USA for developing the riding skills of interested Americans including saving the horses from getting slaughtered. Horses trained for different sport failed or rejected during the course of training can be given a chance for living and can be used for Tent Pegging.

Historically the Tent Pegging roots are considered to be as ancient as that firstly employed by Alexander the Great as the cavalry technique to defeat the King Poro’s army who was fighting with their battle trained elephants. Tent Pegging is an English name for this sport, which is also known as Qilla in Arabic language and Neza Bazi in Urdu language. This sport/discipline is a true test of Skill at Arm and ability for equestrian athletes. The USTPF is devoted to be the sentinels of Tent Pegging in order to enhance and growth of the tent pegging community in the US.

The USTPF will train, select, fund and promote Tent Pegging for training events and tournaments in North America and abroad. At present the USTPF has numerous players across the US and will strive to develop more riders in the Continental United States of America. A prominent goal of the USTPF is to develop this ancient sport, produce and assist enthusiast individuals and organizations in learning, hosting tent pegging events and competitions across the United States.

USTPF is dedicated to the welfare of the equine athlete and will strive to promote proper horsemanship/ horsemastership from the Novice to the Master which is vital to the Federation’s future success. Our program to train young tent peggers will create ongoing generations of equestrian athletes who will strive constantly elevate and maintain the highest of standards while competing domestically and in the international arena.

The USTPF will remain steadfast in its promise to defend equine welfare and support federal and state governments as well as other national equine entities.

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