Tent pegging is fun and for the encouragement of the players and their horse’s efforts to bring themselves to the stage of wining is not forgotten.

Many riders and their horses try hard to accomplish one common goal to spear a peg, ring or with sword picking peg and cutting lemons or taking the rings not only bring the fame to the riders but also rewards in three positions including 1st, 2nd and 3rd for single competitions, sections (Section include 4 riders in a group try to accomplish maximum points) etc.

Tent Pegging is Fun

In the Tent Pegging event winning point is a significant accomplishment, which also include the most fun part and that is riding excellent horses with galloping speed, controlling the horse with left or right hand and similarly a lance in right or left hand – spearing a peg or target with galloping speed. All this could be said easy in words but it comes to actual riding and spearing the peg is different, when doing or watching. This sport shows the connection of the rider and the horse and the time both spend together is all the fun! And as a member of the USTPF, you are a part of a tent pegging families of equestrians with interests; truly impressive.

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