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Tent Pegging & Polo

If you are a tent pegger or polo player, official of a Tent Pegging Association, official for polo association or you just love horses, USTPF is here to offer you membership which is most effectively designed for you. USTPF offers benefits specific to each membership category but you all are accepted:


Upon signing as a member with USTPF, you are automatically covered for your personal liability and personal accident insurance to protect you and your horse.


USTPF will keep their members well informed through Tent Pegging Magazine (Biannually) and the digital newsletter, USTPF quarterly.

Tent Pegger Membership Types

  • USTPF Senior Regular
  • USTPF Senior Silver*
  • USTPF Senior Gold**
  • USTPF Junior Regular
  • USTPF Junior Silver*
  • USTPF Junior Gold**
  • USTPF 3 year Senior/Junior Regular
  • USTPF 3 year Senior/Junior Silver*
  • USTPF 3 year Senior/Junior Gold**
  • USTPF Life Membership Regular
  • USTPF Life Membership Silver*
  • USTPF Life Membership Gold**


USTPF Tent Pegger Equestrian – Non-Members, One time facility usage (includes excess liability insurance)

International Competition Fee (Includes the following: Full riding uniform with USTPF logo Shirt, Breeches, Evening Blazer with USTPF logo, and excess liability insurance)

USTPF Competition Fee (Members)

USTPF Competition Fee (Non-Members) (includes $15 fee for Drugs and Med)

Foreign Individual Country Competitions Processing Fee

Items marked with one asterisk (*) at the end of the silver and two asterisks (**) at the end of gold members can have the following:

One asterisk (*) at the end of the silver, member can use the facility for multiple times using their own horse for practice and two asterisks (**) at the end of the gold, member can use the facility for multiple times using the facility and the facility owned horse using their own tack.

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