Who are the Tent Peggers

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You may want to know who are Tent peggers? We are equestrians and are extensively involved in this ancient cavalry sport, we compete, we coach tent pegging, we are fans and are enthusiasts who share a special connection with tent pegging, polo and the horse. This cohesion describes the membership of the United States Tent Pegging Federation (USTPF) serving as the National Governing Body for an Ancient Equestrian Sport Tent Pegging.

The USTPF is devoted to attach the equestrian community with tent pegging, esteeming accomplishment, and serving as sentinels of Tent Pegging. USTPF was established on 30 December 2013, the Federation will be contributing in chasing distinction and promoting augmentation of the riders and their equine while maintaining a safety on the field.

The USTPF will train, select, and fund our United States Tent Pegging Teams, which will be dependable and pursue to win medals at the utmost echelon of international competitions. The USTPF will also arrange tent pegging events and competitions across the United States each year. The USTPF’s Tent Pegging team participated in their first international tournament in February 2014 in Faisalabad, Pakistan. The USTPF organized a training event in October 2014 and one in June 2015 to train the USA riders. The USTPF National team participated in three international events in 2016 that included one in January 2016 in Khartoum, Sudan; one in March 2016 in Muscat, Oman and one in August 2016 in Bergen Norway.

Developing the positive attitude toward the equine and augmentation between novices as well as the coming generation is vital to the Federation’s future success. Our youth tent peggers will constantly elevate the fame both domestically and in the international arena, approaching for enhancement and endeavor for distinction, and spiraling the bond between them and their equine.

The USTPF will add to the excellence of equine by supporting with their fortification and good in calamity circumstances, including daily competition. USTPF’s promise is to defend equine welfare, will continue to help support federal and state governments and will work intimately with other national equine entities.

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