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USTPF offers membership to new and returning individual members to join or renew their membership online. The joining and renewing process is very easy, which starts with simply setting up your PEGGER account on the USTPF website. During the process of setting up your PEGGER account you will be assign a permanent ID number, which will be mix of letters and numbers and will also be used as your sign in ID to your PEGGER membership account as a returning user member. When signing as a new member, you’ll be asked to create an account by providing basic contact information. You will then be guided to the best type of membership for you by answering a series of questions. You may call the USTPF’s Customer Service Representatives (available M-F, 8:30am-5:00pm CST). Once you’ve joined, renewed, or upgraded your membership, you’ll be able to personalize your PEGGER page and maintain your activities and the upcoming program opportunities offered by USTPF and its Recognized Affiliates.

Thank You for Your Membership with USTPF and for Becoming the one of the 82 Tent Pegger Player Members.

The United States Tent Pegging Federation is found to promote tent pegging in the United States of America and for the safety and well-being of both pegger and equine in contest. The USTPF authorizes and hosts Tent Pegging events maintaining the regulations of competition, including offering tent pegging education and encouragement to the new peggers, straight line riders, coaches, fans, and general tent pegging enthusiasts. Peggers’ membership adds to the sustaining expedition for equality, safety & security and helps providing resources to the USTPF to sustain and move forward to promote the tent pegging as an equestrian sport and a lifestyle filled with companionship and vigorous activity.


Section 1 – THE USTPF REPRESENTATION – Only those members who have their account current by paying their yearly membership fees, can represent the USTPF in tournaments, events, media interviews, announcements and promotional videos for the USTPF.

Section 2 – MATERIAL FOR PUBLICATIONS – None of the members of the USTPF shall be permitted to send material for publications in any media without being reviewed by the Chairman of the USTPF.

Section 3 – CONSEQUENCES – Members who failed to abide by the above discussed policies of this section regarding media announcements including promotional videos, advertising for personal promotions etc.; shall result in consequences such as removal from the USTPF Team.

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